sustainable interior design

The interior environments where we live and work have great influence on our physical and mental health and well being. Since these places are such a key component in our daily lives, they should be designed to not only meet our functional needs but also contribute to our overall wellness and quality of life. Sustainable design is the key to achieving these goals, and the difference that a great space can make on your efficiency, health, and overall quality of life is invaluable.

So what makes sustainable design so important? According to a study conducted by The Canadian Human Activity Pattern Survey humans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. This means that the typical North American spends a majority of their lifetime inside, separated from their natural environment. Factor in problems with conventional buildings such as poor indoor air quality, lack of natural light, pollution in urban centres, cleaning chemicals, off-gasing from materials and finishes to name a few, and you're looking at a very inhabitable space that we force ourselves to occupy on a regular basis.


Environmentally Sustainable Interior Design is the practice of mitigating these problems to create healthy indoor spaces that have positive effects on their inhabitants and the surrounding environment. Through the implementation of solutions like passive daylighting, smart space planning, building efficiency, selection of renewable natural materials, and limiting the use of chemicals, we can create sustainable spaces that 'Enliven' the time you spend indoors. Read on to find out more about the different services we offer, and the types of projects we work on.

Interior Design Objects
residential interior design

Would you like to optimize your home or perhaps add an addition? Looking to build a new home, but not sure where to even start? From initial concept through to project completion, and everything in between including drafting services, assistance with permiting, and working closely with your general contractor, we are the resource you need to create an efficient, smart, and beautiful place to call home. 

commercial interior design

Are you considering a new location for your business? Or perhaps a refresh of an existing location? Maybe it needs an updated look to attract more clientele? With a background in commercial design, we are experts in infusing a space with your brand and optimizing functionality and efficiency. You can enjoy a space tailored to suit your needs, while achieving a great aesthetic with sustainable design solutions. 

project management

Whether your project is a renovation or a new build, involving an experienced professional will streamline the process and provide quality control over the final product. A good project manager will advocate for your best interests and provide transparency on progress and cost tracking. This is an invaluable resource and a necessity for the smooth execution of your design. 

list of services


  • Energy efficiency/optimization

  • Strategy development

  • Sustainable solutions

  • Budget analysis

  • LEED projects


  • Data collection/research of existing space

  • Site measurements

  • Feasibility studies

Design Development Phase

  • Space planning

  • Assistance with development/building permits

  • Building Code/Bylaw analysis

  • Material/finish selections

  • 3D renderings

  • Colourboards

  • Budget tracking

Contract Documentation

  • Construction drawings (demolition plans, partition plans, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans, finish plans, furniture plans, elevations, millwork drawings, sections, and details)

  • Detailed specification documents


Contract Administration

  • Tender management and award

  • Client representation

  • Site reviews

  • Shop drawing reviews

  • Review of submittals

  • Contract change tracking (site instructions, change orders, payment certificates)

  • Lien holdback management

  • Substantial completion and project close out

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